The bread and butter that everyone needs. A foundation to a healthy lawn care regimen.

Stripe Patterns

Straight Stripes

The basic, iconic pattern everyone knows and loves

Checkerboard Stripes

Nice and neat old school stripes

Diamond Stripes

Modern look and baseball field esque

Zigzag Stripes

Requires a diamond stripe pattern first, then connects the two directions

Squiggle Stripes

If the zigzag is too sharp for you, this is a great alternative

Curved Stripes

Nice for small or odd shaped lawns that have a curvature (like a mulch bed) to follow throughout

Cut Heights

Our mowers can go as low as 1" and as high as 6", and anything in between, measured in 1/4" increments. Here is a mowing height guide based on personal preference:

Keep in mind that the lower the grass gets cut, the more likely weeds are to grow, and the grass becomes a lot more susceptible to turning brown and dying due to weather, foot traffic, etc.