Treatment Process

Here is our typical maintenance procedure for Spring booster/Fall prep packages

The two most important times of the year for your lawn are spring and fall. In order to get the lush green grass you want, it is crucial to have proper preparation in the spring, and proper clean up in the fall.

That is why we offer our Spring and Fall Maintenance Plans! With these scheduled plans, you will receive a free estimate/evaluation of your grass type and soil base before we start the whole process.

The Spring and Fall Plans are the same process and performed in accordance with the weather to provide the best results. Below are the steps we take to treat your lawn, along with their purpose.

These steps will be performed once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

In addition to these treatments, we offer fertilizing once a month throughout the entire season.

This is to keep the grass looking the same way all summer long. It is an option available to you, but not included in the price of the Spring and Fall Maintenance Plans.